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Recycling Batteries

Batteries are our passion. Recycling is our commitment.

At Continental Battery Systems, we take sustainability seriously. Batteries continue to be our passion, and environmental safety is our ongoing commitment. Since 1932, we have been selling batteries and recycling them because we feel it is our responsibility as mindful corporate citizens.

Today, Continental Battery Systems recycles more batteries than we sell. Within our nationwide network, the thousands of dealers who consistently return used batteries for recycling demonstrate pride in our environmental initiatives. 


Batteries Are Our Passion; Recycling Is Our Commitment

Continental Battery Systems is committed to recycling or reconditioning 100% of our batteries. No batteries go to the landfill. An essential part of our senior leadership support is dedicated to building a more sustainable working environment. 

We are passionate about handling batteries safely and efficiently. With a nationwide network of over 25,000 dealers returning used batteries, we are proud to contribute to America’s greatest recycling initiatives. We do this because we work and live as part of a community. Our customers choose Continental Battery Systems because they believe in giving back to our planet — and so do we.

Sustainability is essential to those of us in the battery business, as the chemicals used in some batteries are very toxic and harmful to people, animals and our planet. That’s why Continental Battery Systems takes a firm stand regarding recycling batteries. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to take sustainability seriously.

Lead Battery Recycling by the Numbers

  • 99% of lead batteries in the U.S. are recycled.
  • New lead batteries produced in the U.S. comprise more than 80% recycled material.
  • Nearly 100% of lead is recyclable and can be continuously reused without losing performance capacity.
  • The closed-loop process that ensures lead batteries’ high rate of recycling is recognized by the World Economic Forum and MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics as the world’s most successful example of a circular economy — featuring the design, production, transportation, recycling and recovery of vehicle batteries.

How to Recycle Lead Batteries

The easiest way to recycle your used car, boat, golf cart or power sport battery is to have it replaced by a professional. The technician can then ensure it is recycled properly. 

If you remove a battery yourself, you may return it to the battery retailer, automotive service station, battery manufacturer or other authorized collection centers for recycling. If you are unsure of where to take your spent batteries, call your local Continental Battery Systems dealer for assistance. 

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