Good-as-new Batteries,
With Up to 70% Savings.

Save Money with Rebound

Get the peace of mind that comes with a new battery without the hefty price tag.

We don’t know anyone who gets excited about buying a new car battery — unless they’re saving money. With Rebound reconditioned batteries, you know you’re getting a good battery for much less compared to a new one. Even better, this eco-friendly solution is backed by our three month warranty.

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About Our Warranty

Having every Rebound battery thoroughly tested, reconditioned, and fully charged before sale certainly instills confidence in their performance. And offering a three-month warranty further demonstrates the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Knowing that you're backed by such a warranty provides peace of mind, making it easier to trust in the reliability and longevity of your purchase. Plus, the straightforward process of replacing a battery under warranty ensures a hassle-free experience for customers. It's reassuring to see a company stand behind its products in such a tangible way.

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